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My Three Favourite Webflow channels to follow and what you will learn.

Webflow Education - Learn from Flux Academy, Fin Sweet, and Payton Clark Smith for Webflow mastery.

There are 100’s of tutorials and channels to follow. Here are my favourite five.

With over 1.3 million designers adopting its revolutionary approach, Webflow has transformed the web design landscape, democratizing the creation of intricate websites without the need for coding. As the platform's popularity soars, many educational channels have sprouted, offering tutorials, tips, and insights. Here's an in-depth look at the three standout channels every Webflow enthusiast should follow:

1. Flux Academy

Background: Ran Segall, the brain behind Flux Academy, was among the early adopters of Webflow. His discovery of the platform, chronicled on his YouTube channel, sparked a passion that led him to craft educational content for fellow designers.

What Sets It Apart: Ran's pedagogical approach combined with his professional design background allows him to create courses that are not just informative but also relatable. He offers practical advice intertwined with real-world scenarios.

Key Offerings: Beyond regular video uploads, Ran offers an extensive Webflow web design course that covers the intricacies of the platform. His narrative is always clear, and his tips are actionable, making learning both enjoyable and efficient.

Video Schedule: Three times a week - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11 AM PST.

2. Fin Sweet

Background: Joe Krugs and his team have an almost uncanny mastery over Webflow. Their in-depth understanding and innovative thinking have allowed them to push Webflow's capabilities to the limit.

What Sets It Apart: While many use Webflow within its defined boundaries, Fin Sweet continuously finds creative hacks and workarounds. Their 'Client First' system of predefined classes offers designers a structured yet flexible approach to Webflow design.

Key Offerings: Their content ranges from the basics to the advanced, catering to both novices and experts. While the hacks provide solutions to common challenges, their weekly episodes offer insights on the business side of Webflow - how to grow, scale, and acquire clients.

Video Schedule: Twice a week - every Tuesday and Thursday.

3. Payton Clark Smith

Background: Payton's journey in the Webflow community has been marked by his commitment to sharing knowledge. His weekly vlog is a treasure trove of information, offering valuable insights and business strategies.

What Sets It Apart: Beyond just design, Payton offers a holistic view of running a Webflow agency. From client acquisition to scaling operations, he covers a broad spectrum of topics crucial for budding entrepreneurs.

Key Offerings: His SEO for Webflow course stands out as a must-have resource. With search engine optimization being pivotal for online success, learning to harness it within Webflow is invaluable.

Video Schedule: Weekly releases.

Diverse Voices in a Growing Community

Other notable mentions in the Webflow tutorial sphere include Pixel Geek, TimothyTricks, and JoseOcondo. Each brings a unique perspective, further enriching the community.


The surge in Webflow's popularity has led to an equally impressive rise in dedicated educational content. Whether you're just starting or looking to deepen your expertise, these channels offer a wealth of knowledge, ensuring you're always at the forefront of Webflow design. Dive in, and let your creativity flow!

Webflow Channels Table
Channel Description Key Feature Video Schedule
Flux Academy Discovering Webflow with Ran Segall. Offers a foundational understanding of Webflow. Regular video uploads. Every Mon, Wed, Fri at 11AM PST
Fin Sweet Known for pushing Webflow's boundaries. Introduced the 'Client First' framework. Episodes on growing a Webflow business and client acquisition. Every Tue and Thu
Payton Clark Smith Vlog with insights into running a Webflow agency and securing new clients. Offers an SEO course for Webflow. Practical tips in vlog format. Weekly


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