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12 Best Features that make Webflow better than WordPress, Instapage, & Wix.

I-Phone vs Android, Vanilla vs Chocolate, Coke vs Pepsi the debates will rage on. How about Webflow vs WordPress? or Webflow vs Wix? Is there still a debate in this regard. ‍Here is a list of 12 Webflow features that may help you sway the argument.

I-Phone vs Android, Vanilla vs Chocolate, Coke vs Pepsi the debates will rage on. How about Webflow vs WordPress? or Webflow vs Wix? Is there still a debate in this regard?

Webflow is used by more than 3,500,000 designers and teams to create, collaborate on, and scale beautiful websites in a completely visual canvas — no coding needed. Still not convinced?

Here is a list of 12 Webflow features that may help you sway the argument.

  1. The cleanest HTML code
  2. Super fast instant load times
  3. Best for SEO
  4. The most responsive
  5. No plugins, updates, or themes to worry about
  6. Perfect backups and revisions
  7. Webflow Security
  8. Reusable images and sections that stay in sync
  9. WordPress plugin
  10. CMS Collections
  11. Private Staging
  12. Webflow Logic
  1. The cleanest HTML code.
    Webflow generates clean and optimized HTML code, which helps improve your website's loading speed and SEO rankings. With only three lines of code for a blank page, Webflow creates pages that load instantly, and this factor is critical for SEO. Google rewards fast-loading websites with higher rankings, and Webflow makes it easy to achieve 100/100 Google Page speed Insights, Pingdom Tools, and GT Metrix score.
  2. Super fast instant load times.
    Because Webflow's code is so clean and optimized, your website will load instantly. This, in turn, improves your website's ranking in search engines because page speed is one of the most important ranking factors.
  3. Best for SEO.
    Because the speed is so fast, and the code is so optimized, your SEO rankings will be much higher as speed is one of the main factors. See SEO and Webflow: the essential guide
  4. Webflow's responsive design
    Webflow's responsive design makes it easy to ensure that your website looks great on any device, from desktops to smartphones and tablets. This feature is critical because Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites in search rankings.
  5. No plugins, updates, or themes to worry about.
    Webflow automatically backs up every update you make, and you can preview the backup before restoring it. This makes it easy to restore your website to a previous version if something goes wrong.
  6. Perfect backups and revisions.
    Every update is automatically backed up, with an option to restore in 1 click. You can also preview the backup before restoring it. With WordPress, it barely ever worked, and would usually break.
  7. Webflow Security.
    Webflow has a solid reputation when it comes to security. The platform is designed to keep your website secure, with measures in place to protect against hackers and malware. Unlike WordPress, Webflow does not rely on third-party plugins to enhance functionality. This is significant because third-party plugins can introduce vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit to gain access to your website.
    Webflow's security features include advanced SSL encryption, automatic backups, and two-factor authentication. These measures work together to safeguard your website and ensure that your data is protected. Additionally, Webflow uses a content delivery network (CDN) that helps to protect against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, which can be catastrophic for businesses that rely on their website for revenue.
    Overall, Webflow's security features and architecture make it a safer option than WordPress. Webflow's focus on security means that you can feel confident that your website is protected from cyber threats, which is crucial in today's online landscape where cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated.
  8. Reusable images and sections that stay in sync.
    One of Webflows best features is called Symbols. It allows you to use the same image or clone a section of your site to use on any other page. If you update the image or section, it updates everywhere, and for all breakpoints (devices and screen sizes). This is called “Global Blocks” in Instapage which costs $500/month!!
  9. WordPress plugin.
    If you still want or need to use WordPress, you can use Webflow pages, publish them to your Wordpress site, and still get all the benefits of Webflow, just like Instapage does.
  10. CMS Collection
    My favorite feature, and one of the main reasons we are using Webflow. Webflow has “CMS Collections” that is like a database with rows and columns, like an Excel spreadsheet. If you need 100 landing pages for Google Ads with 100 different keywords on each page, you would normally need to create 100 different pages in WordPress or Instapage.

    With Webflow, you create one page to use as your template, and you use merge codes everywhere for all text, buttons, links, and even content and images. In the spreadsheet, you just add a new row for a new dynamic page, and you type in the keyword to replace, and anything else you want to change on that specific page. Then, you create a link for it, and it’s now a live page on the web. You can create CMS Collections for blog posts, webinars, white papers, podcasts, resources, dictionaries, ANYTHING!
    See Webflow CMS for beginners.
  11. Private Staging
    Anytime you want to test out your new site or page live, Webflow gives you a private staging site so you can see if you broke anything before going live.
  12. Webflow Logic
    With Webflow Logic, you can construct and perform automated workflows (also known as “flows”) that collect and route sales leads, connect with your customers, manage your site content, and more — all from within the Webflow Designer.

If you want to learn more about Webflow check out my favourite Webflow resources.

  • Webflow University
    Entry Level Experience needed
    Explore curated sets of lessons. Create something amazing and learn web design with Webflow — from HTML and CSS basics to SEO and CMS essentials.
  • 2021 Design Portfolio Course
    Entry to Intermediate
    Build and visually design a full portfolio website within the span of 21 days. Covering everything from the basics of grid and flexbox to advanced interactions and accessibility work, this course takes us through each and every step of building and launching a site in Webflow
  • FinSweet - Experience
    Webflow development by Webflow veteran professionals.
  • T.R.I.C.K.S - Advanced
    Advance Webflow tutorials


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