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Jabali Mining

Web Design
3 weeks
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Bold website design for innovative mining company

How we used Webflow to create a 'Rock Solid' user experience for Jabali Mining

Jabali Mining is a mining company with a mission to promote sustainable mining practices. The design approach for their website was centered around creating a professional and informative platform that accurately represents the company's values and mission.

To achieve this goal, our team started by conducting research into the mining industry and Jabali Mining's specific values and practices. Based on this research, we created a design concept that emphasized clean, modern lines and a strong visual hierarchy that reflected Jabali's 'Rock Solid' values.

Being able to use video imagery on the site allowed us to easily illustrate the Jabali Mining story.

Usability and User Experience

We placed a strong emphasis on usability and user experience. The website was designed with a clear and intuitive navigational structure, making it easy for visitors to find the information they need. Key information about the company, such as their sustainability practices and mining services, was prominently featured on the homepage.

To ensure that the website was accessible to all users, we employed a responsive design that adapts to different screen sizes and devices. We also prioritized the use of web-safe fonts and optimized image sizes for faster load times.

The End Result

The end result is a professional and informative website that effectively communicates Jabali Mining's mission and values. Visitors to the site can easily learn about the company's sustainable mining practices and services, and are left with a positive impression of the brand.


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