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Introducing the quarantine whopper.

Brands harness their influence during the COVID-19 pandemic, with Burger King's 'Quarantine Whopper,' Coca-Cola and McDonald's altering logos for social distancing, and Mercedes promoting safety via Instagram.

Brands are responding to the corona virus epidemic? Find out how.

Brands are responding to the corona virus epidemic? Find out how.

Brands influence almost every aspect of our lives. From the moment we wake up till we go to sleep brands tell us what toothpaste we should use, what clothes we should be wearing and what we should be eating for breakfast. Brands determine the car we chose to drive to work, where we work and what we eat at work. Brands determine what we listen to on the way home from work and which channels we will stream after supper.

It is, therefore, imperative at a time that we need a clear message of how society should behave in-light of the Covid-19 pandemic that brands use their influence to communicate the message of the importance of social distancing and the benefits of staying at home.

Burger King in France has responded with the Quarantine Whopper.

One of the brands that have responded is Burger King with the Quarantine Whopper that you can make at home. It's a simple and clear messaging that still manages to build the brand.

The quarantine Whopper

Coca-Cola and McDonalds use their logos to communicate the message of social distancing.

A brand's most powerful asset is the brand's logo as a brand logo is a visual expression of everything the brand stands for. The brand logo is literally the brands "Visual Identity". When a brand uses their logo to communicate a message it won't go unnoticed.

Coca-Cola and MacDonalds have done exactly that. With a slight variation to their logos they have been able to communicate the message of social distancing.

Coca-Cola and McDonalds use their logos to communicate social distancing

Mercedes sends out a powerful message on Instagram

Brands are about people. Brands speak to our dreams, our goals and ambitions. Brands speak to our fears and our insecurities. In this Instagram post Mercedes uses the safety system of their vehicles to communicate a message to help flatten the curve.


Brands Make Sense. If you know and understand your brand you will be able to communicate its values in any situation.

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