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Witz Inc

Web Design
Webflow Dev
4 weeks
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A professional legal practise website, with plenty of white space

Witz Inc. is a modern law firm that prides itself on putting clients' needs first. However, their previous website built on WordPress was causing them endless issues, from slow load times, frequent crashes as well as the cost of high maintenance. The website was not stable, and these issues were causing problems for both the law firm and their clients.

To address these issues, our team at Brandinglab recommended rebuilding the website using Webflow. We identified Webflow as the best platform for this project due to its speed, stability, and flexibility.

The new website is now stable, fast and secure from being hacked and because it is built in Webflow the client is saving on the high maintenance costs that come with a WordPress site. The website was also optimized for fast load times, to ensure that visitors would not become frustrated by long wait times.

Why Webflow?

We used Webflow to build the website, taking advantage of its easy-to-use CMS and powerful design tools. Webflow allowed us to create a custom design that perfectly reflected Witz Inc.'s unique style and preferences, while also providing a stable and reliable platform for the law firm's online presence.

The End Result

The end result is a modern and professional website that accurately represents Witz Inc.'s brand and effectively showcases their services. By moving away from WordPress and rebuilding the site in Webflow, we were able to provide a faster, more stable platform that does not give the same issues as WordPress does. Witz Inc. is now able to provide a better online experience for their clients and continue to grow their business in the modern digital age.


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