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Developing a Brand Name and Website for an African Company - The Tabono Case Study

The Challenge of Naming an African Company for International Appeal

When Liran Assness and Reon Barnard founded Tabono, they wanted to create a company that would focus on specialized industries such as mining, industrial, logistics, and services. They also wanted a name that would reflect their African heritage and values, while also appealing to international customers. They turned to The BrandingLab to help them develop a name and website that would achieve these goals.

The Tabono Symbol: A Bridge Between African Heritage and Global Business

The BrandingLab suggested the name "Tabono" for the company, based on the Adinkra symbol of a paddle in motion used in the ancient Bono Kingdom of Ghana to represent unity of purpose in pursuit of a goal. The Tabono symbol's African heritage and parallel to the company's partnership style made it a fitting name for the company. The BrandingLab also designed a logo based on the Tabono symbol that would be recognizable and memorable.

Creating a Dynamic Website to Showcase Tabono's Specialized Expertise

To complement the name and logo, The BrandingLab designed a website that would showcase Tabono's focus expertise mining, industrial, logistics, and services. They chose to use Webflow to design the website, which would make it easy to create an engaging and dynamic website that would be both visually appealing and functional.

The website features large, high-quality images of Tabono's work, as well as easy-to-read descriptions of the company's services and expertise. The website also features a news section that highlights recent developments and achievements, as well as a blog that provides insights and analysis on topics related to Tabono's areas of expertise.

The BrandingLab: A Webflow Agency for Modern Website Design

The BrandingLab is a Webflow agency that specializes in creating modern and engaging websites that help companies achieve their goals. Webflow is a website design platform that allows designers to create websites without the need for coding, making it an ideal choice for businesses that want a visually appealing and functional website without the need for a dedicated web development team.

Conclusion: The Success of Tabono's Branding and Website Design

With the help of The BrandingLab, Tabono was able to develop a name and website that reflect the company's African heritage and values, while also appealing to international customers. The Tabono symbol and logo are recognizable and memorable, while the website showcases the company's specialized expertise in an engaging and dynamic way. The success of Tabono's branding and website design is a testament to the importance of thoughtful branding and modern website design in today's business world.


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